Networking Solution

In recent years, the data center has been revolutionized by virtualization, hybrid cloud infrastructures and the convergence of storage and networks. As a result, the complexity of network integration and security has dramatically increased — and new and emerging network standards and approaches don’t make networking design decisions any easier.

Mobile device proliferation, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and next-generation applications present a significant challenge for network operators trying to ensure security and performance for a wide range of technologies and access points.

Syngient has built a network practice focused on helping our customers deal with the complexities that abound in networking today.


How Syngient can help

While Syngient has extensive traditional network experience, all our networking specialists are also skilled in a broad range of technical disciplines including security, network virtualization, storage networking, wide area network (WAN) optimization and design, mobile device management, voice and video optimization, wireless implementation, and security and collaboration solutions.

We work with you to clearly define your key business challenges and provide solutions that are affordable and work within your operational framework. We often recommend multi-vendor, integrated approaches to provide you with the most optimal solution for your business.


Here are some scenarios, where Syngient’s team offers solutions for your most pressing network challenges:

Challenge: Your virtualized server farm is in place, but you’re finding it difficult to ensure compliance and optimize performance and availability of your servers.

Solution: Our Network Assessment will help to pinpoint your key network architectural challenges, compliance gaps, performance measurement and opportunities for optimization.

Challenge: You’re expected to ensure high availability and create disaster recovery solutions, but your IT budget has been reduced.

Solution: Our Advisory Services can assist with cost-effective approaches to network architecture, integration, optimization, security compliance, and operations.

Challenge: Responding to demand and explosive growth, you’ve built silos within your SAN and LAN infrastructure, duplicating some infrastructure and driving up your ongoing maintenance costs.

Solution: Our Design and Integration Services will help to streamline your infrastructure with best-of-breed vendor solutions to meet your unique business and network challenges.

Challenge: Your business wants to take advantage of the cost savings of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach, but lacks the budget to grow the necessary infrastructure, enhance security and build BYOD policies.

Solution: Our Integrated Security and Mobile Device Management Solutions can provide enhanced functionality and improved performance while enhancing security and compliance — and respecting your budget.

Challenge: A shrinking IT budget is limiting your business’ capital investment in the networks required to support new applications.

Solution: We offer cost-effective Managed Solutions for all your infrastructure needs. Consider leveraging our 7×24 National Operations Center to provide reporting, management, support and operational support across your network infrastructures.