FBG Fabrication Setup

Fiber Bragg Grating is a periodic or a quasi-periodic perturbation of the refractive index in the core of an optical fiber along its length and is formed by exposure of the single mode optical fiber to an intense optical interference pattern. The period and length of the grating along with the magnitude of modulation of the refractive index, determine the reflectivity of the grating. When a broadband source of light is launched into the fiber, grating portion reflects a narrow spectral band of a certain wavelength, known as the Bragg wavelength, which is dependent on the grating period and effective refractive index of the fiber.

FBGs have seen an ever-increasing commercial growth in recent past both in telecommunication & sensing applications. In spite of heavy maturity and great potential of FBGs, the non-availability of single turn-key type of ready solution for FBG fabrication facility in the market is still a constraint for the practical applicability and growth of FBGs in photonics community. In this regard technical staff of Fiber Optika Pvt.Ltd. is all set to fill this void and assure to be with you starting from answering all your queries till providing every possible solution to have your own fabrication facility.


  • Greatly increased bandwidth and capacity
  • Lower signal attenuation (loss)
  • Immunity to electrical Noise
  • Lower bit error rates
  • Difficult to tap (Signal Security )
  • Nonconductive and free from short circuit and sparks
  • Small sensor size and low sensor weight
  • Resistant to radiation and corrosion
  • High tensile strength
  • Improved ruggedness and flexibility