One-Portal Dashboard

Unified Dashboard
EstiNet One-Portal integrates all network management functions into a highly-integrated web-based control panel.

Network Visualization
One-Portal provides visual views of the whole network for responsive and intuitive network health monitoring, e.g., link connectivity, device and host health, routing paths between hosts. Topology detection and device status checking can be done automatically without the need of installing any plugins into devices.

Central WiFi AP Control

The Central WiFi AP Control module is highly integrated with IoT Network Controller One-Portal dashboard, which provides efficient and convenient central control interface for managed WiFi APs. The module provides the following functions:

  • Status monitor of WiFi AP devices and WiFi stations on integrated One-Portal panel
  • Central SSID assignment and setup
  • Channel and transmit power automatic setup (manual modifications from the One-Portal panel is allowed.)

NFV Pilot Platform

The NFV Pilot module provides the Network Function Virtualization capability for the IoT Network Controller. VNFs (Virtual Network Functions) are allowed to be run on the IoT Network Controller platform in a container-based virtual form. Common network functions such as virtual DHCP server, virtual DHCP relay, and virtual Radius server, are now integrated into the IoT Network Controller to provide quick network deployment for IoT network administrators.

L2 Backward Compatibility and High Reliability

EstiNet IoT Network Solution adopts a legacy + SDN hybrid operation mode, which is backward-compatible with traditional Layer-2 networks and, meanwhile, provides new powerful SDN functions to achieve high efficiency. The network can be switched back to the traditional mode, if the Network controller is offline. Thus, the network reliability and connectivity can be guaranteed.