Purpose built for IoT Testing

IoT is all about scale and performance. By the time your customers end into scalability or performance issues, its already too late. IoTIFY’s network simulator solves this problem by using virtualization, simulating thousands of IoT endpoints in the cloud – thereby giving you full system simulation capability before your product hit your customer.

Cloud Connectors

With our cloud connectors, its a matter of minutes to get started with popular IoT platforms.


Measure Latency

IoTIFY measures the packet sending and response latency by default for you. Have a custom metric to observe? Simply use our APIs.


Faster Test iterations

A test starts in a few seconds. No more waiting for the Desktop simulators to boot up. Get results faster in real time.


Detailed Results

Capture even the minutest details of your simulation. Drill down on every client, iteration and find out what payload were sent.


Customize Everything

Our scriptable Javascript engine can customize every part of the payload and a variety of connectivity params.


API Driven

IoTIFY exposes APIs to control and automate your testing needs. Read our documentation to know how could you use our APIs.

What Can you do with IOTIFY?

Check out few use guides


IoT Functional Testing

Simulate Data from our virtual customizable sensors and validate the business logic of your IoT cloud application.


Simulate Virtual IoT Fleet

Connect with your favorite IoT cloud platform and simulate virtual devices in your network.


Measure IoT System health

Continuously monitor key IoT system health parameters with IoTIFY. Itegrate with CI/CD workflows.


IoT Performance Testing

Measure cloud latency, scalability and response time of your business applications with IoTIFY