Easy and fast way to set up virtual language classes

Teachers can lead classes in real-time or leave the session open for self-paced language learning

Increase the time each student spends speaking and actively practicing during classes

What makes Sanako Connect great for online language teaching:

Enables all the benefits from language laboratory and is accessible from anywhere using laptops, Chromebooks or tablets.

No login details needed for the students, students join via a unique link (no data privacy issues).

Ability to collect, review and give feedback for students’ audio recordings and work in real-time or in recording.

How Sanako Connect helps teachers?

Divide students to pairs or group discussions

Allow all students to do speaking and conversational practices at the same time. Listen in and give feedback in real-time.


Create and assign exercises for language learning

Easy way to create exercises for model imitation, gap-fill exercises and much more.


Share files, materials and provide feedback

Collect, review and give feedback for students’ work and share all the needed materials on the same platform.